Ten years ago today, Planned Parenthood opens Madison abortuary

Bp. Morlino leads prayer outside PP
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin opened a new $1.9 million abortuary in Madison, Wisconsin on January 8, 2004, as a new place for abortionist Dennis Christensen to kill innocent children. In its lobby is what Planned Parenthood calls a "Wall of Honor," dedicated to former and deceased abortionist Liz Karlin and displaying the names of financial donors.

"This so-called 'Wall of Honor' should truly be dubbed a 'Wall of Shame,'" said Peggy Hamill, Pro-Life Wisconsin's state director. "The physical and mental destruction wrought by abortion is anything but honorable; it is a pox on the community that needs to be eradicated."

Prior to the grand opening, Pro-Life Wisconsin, an American Life League associate, announced its plans to peacefully and prayerfully protest at the new mill the day it offered a public open house. STOPP received a report on the protest from attendee Jeanne Breunig. She said about 20 people showed up to protest and that Catholics in the group prayed the Rosary. Several signs were brought, including one by Dave and Peggy KonKol which was a very long scroll with 11,130 baby footprints representing the babies killed by abortion in Wisconsin in 2002. Jeanne also picked up a pre-printed "Open House" sign from a hardware store and added, under those words, "Killing Center."
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