Who's reading 2013

Rank City
1 Milwaukee
2 Madison
3 Chicago, IL
4 La Crosse
5 New York, NY
6 St. Louis, MO
7 Appleton
8 Minneapolis, MN
9 Rome, IT
10 Elm Grove
11 Brookfield
12 Green Bay
13 Lincoln, NE
14 Wisconsin Rapids
15 Saint Paul, MN
16 Los Angeles, CA
17 Sun Prairie
18 Washington DC
19 La Crescent, MN
20 Verona
21 De Pere
22 Fond du Lac
23 Wausau
24 Janesville
25 Phoenix, AZ

General trend, people check less often but read more and for longer periods of time. A big jump in Chicago readership.

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It says stats are up 77% but there's a bunch of search engine crawlers that are messing up the numbers.   I imagine it's probably more like 40%.

People find it useful so I'll keep going.  


  1. I have to say I'm pretty surprised you didn't make any comments about the Packers loss. Are you in mourning?

    1. Yeah... I really haven't covered the Pack as much this last year. After Rodgers got hurt I kind of checked out - NOT that I wasn't rooting for them of course. Covering the wins is more fun than the losses.

      I WILL be covering Badgers basketball though. .... Although I haven't posted anything on that topic for a couple weeks...

  2. Confusing Post Title/Subject: "Who's Reading 2013". I assume you mean who is reading Badger Catholic blog.

    1. I guess I've always named them like that, but I could change... tradition... :)


  3. You've got a very good blog. Keep up the great work in 2014!


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