Men of Christ Conference March 15th

Archbishop Jerome Listecki
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
Archbishop Listecki will lead the morning Mass, and open the conference with a prayer and blessing.

Auxiliary Bishop Donald J. Hying
Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee
Bishop Hying will be our main celebrant for the 4:00 p.m. Mass.

Tom Peterson
How to Explain and Defend Your Faith
Tom's talk will present incredible real stories, humor, and inspiration to help encourage you to seek "God's extraordinary plan for their lives" and to participate in the New Evangelization to help rescue relatives and friends who have drifted from faith.

Fr. Michael Gaitley
The Healing Power of Divine Mercy
A gifted and captivating speaker and preacher, Fr. Michael will explain God’s mercy in a way you have never heard. He will open your eyes to the mercy of Christ, and the gift we have been given through His sacrifice. This talk will change your life... forever!

Michael Coren
Holy Warriors in The Image of Christ
Michael is a dynamic television host, radio personality, author and speaker. Get ready to be empowered with a powerful talk on the relevance of the Catholic faith in today’s society, how to know Jesus fully through His church, and the need for us to engage the culture!

Fr. John Burns
Master of Ceremonies - Morning
Associate Pastor, Christ King Parish, Wauwatosa.

Fr. Tim Kitzke
Master of Ceremonies - Afternoon
Dean for District 13 of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Serves Three Holy Women, Old St. Mary, Saints Peter and Paul, and Our Lady of Divine Providence Parishes on Milwaukee’s eastside.
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The last conference I attended in Milwaukee they said that it was the largest Catholic men's conference in the US; they get over 3,000 guys. 

I did posts somewhere on my previous visits.  Not this year, baby due right about that day.  *sigh*  I miss Milwaukee.  It's been too long. 


  1. Bishop Morlino to celebrate his public Ash Wednesday Mass in the EF.

    Reason #324235 that Badger Catholic needs to move it's HQ to Madison.

  2. You should start a petition for the return of the TLM at Men of Christ! Or do something, Mr. Badger Catholic! Will be praying for you.

    1. Yes, I never did get the background on what happened there. One of the 3,000 complained maybe?

      To be frank, the speaker lineup used to be a little more prolific also. I'm sure it's hard getting funds though.

      It's literally been like 2 years since I have been to Milwaukee. How does this happen??

      Thank you for your prayers.

    2. Yeah, I also noticed there wasn't nearly as many exciting speakers as the past.


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