UW's Sex Out Loud attacks UW Badger Catholic for hosting chastity talk

Utterly ridiculous, but thanks for the publicity.  Goes on to claim he's a member of the Liberal Catholic Church and we should all obey him in his rigorously dogmatic institution.  Really, he's angry because men were passing out roses to women(well later admits the chastity talk is attacking Sex Out Loud and that's why he's really mad).  Mad, because men want to respect women.  And he is ranting and raving that Catholics are permitted to teach their religion to their own members.  If we are not all Cultural Marxists then apparently we are "blatantly sexist."  We are supposed to promote "judgment-free sex" which of course the writer does not actually believe, since that would include incest, bestiality, and rape.  Maybe he is a Darren Sharper fan?  Ooooh, but it has to be consensual - well then you just passed judgement then, didn't cha?  The writer even invokes Pope Francis - who has apparently supplanted the "bigoted members of the hierarchy."  There's several straw men hanging out in here, and he gets so lost in the utopia of his mind that his closing is barely coherent.  No friend, your ideas are the old, stale traditions that you hope to resurrect, our ideas have all the freshness, progress, and longing of a Wisconsin Spring. 
Some may have noticed that a group of men were passing roses out to women passing by the St. Paul University Catholic Center on Library Mall. These individuals were taking part in a small campaign being spearheaded by Badger Catholic, a spirituality and faith organization on campus according to their website, called Roses in Library Mall.

Perhaps Badger Catholic had good intentions with this, but it was nonetheless a deeply inherently sexist, backwards and utterly ridiculous effort on their part. According to the event’s Facebook page, the goal was to offer Badgers “another viewpoint on love!” Roses were sold to men who would add notes to them with messages to give to passing women telling them they have “inherent dignity and beauty.”

What Badger Catholic offers though is a reminder to the UW-Madison community that sexism and patriarchal social expectations are alive and well in our society and even well educated people can still adhere to such ideas.

The assertion by Badger Catholic with this campaign is 1) only men have the authority to tell women they have dignity and beauty, they offer no opportunity for women to decide this for themselves 2) it ignores that not all people base their definition of dignity and beauty in the same way as Badger Catholic 3) it works to reinforce gender roles and the expectation that all sex is heterosexual while ignoring female sexuality.
Read more: http://host.madison.com/daily-cardinal/opinion/badger-catholic-campaign-reinforces-gender-stereotypes/article_f79ee8b2-97a1-11e3-b338-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz2tgrPErEn

BUT, this does give me an idea for a Catholic drinking game..... for a later post ...."hierarchy" "bigoted" "sexist"... I'm thinking when the drink words appear in the same sentence, that the number of drinks doubles....

FYI, Jason Evert gave a talk at UW recently.

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