Yanke: Bishop Morlino to Celebrate his Ash Wednesday Mass in the EF

This year, Bishop Morlino will celebrate his Ash Wednesday Mass in the Extraordinary Form, as he often does on feast days. Unfortunately, it is a low Mass, but all the same, it is very encouraging to see an American bishop frequently celebrating his feast day Masses in the EF. He has done this many times, and seems to be making it a regular habit. Please spread the word! Perhaps in the future, a sung Mass could be arranged with the good bishop. In any case, I will be there.
March 5, 2014, 6:00pm, Bishop O’Connor Pastoral Center, Madison, WI
Yet another reason Bishop Morlino is one of the best in the country. Bishop Morlino: An Extraordinary Ordinary!

Also, reason #324235 that Badger Catholic needs to move it’s HQ to Madison.
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  1. I hope Bishop Morlino will encourage his young priests to follow his example. I say young priests because many of the senior priests have been influenced by Vatican II for too many years and resist the suggestion. God Bless our Bishop Morlino!

    1. LoveGodAndAsHeLovedApril 21, 2014 at 9:55 AM

      The answer to your post Anonymous is in the Tenebrae. Good Friday Tenebrae 4:00a.m. at St. Mary in Pine Bluff. There was the insight. Were you there?


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