Bishop Ricken establishes new religious community

Missionaries of the Word, an association of the faithful, will profess vows on May 1

GREEN BAY — Bishop David Ricken announced March 25 that he will establish a new community of women in the diocese as a public association of the faithful in accordance with the norms of canon law. The new association will be called “Missionaries of the Word” and their purpose will be to bring the Gospel to youth and young adults in the diocese in the spirit of the “new evangelization.”

“New times have different challenges and need new responses by present and future generations,” Bishop Ricken said in a statement. “This community of women will strive to answer some of the challenges of this day by bringing Jesus Christ, the word, to young people who long to hear it.”

On May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Bishop Ricken will officially establish the new association at St. Pius X Parish in Appleton. At this time, he will read the decree of foundation and announce the founder and first superior, Peggy Duemling, who comes to the position with many years of experience in religious life with another community.
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  1. in the spirit of the “new evangelization.”

    Sounds scary.

  2. Can I ask why such a thing would be the least bit scary?

    1. Because it as undefined and nebulous as "the spirit of VII". It can mean anything; therefore become anything.

  3. I live in the Diocese of Green Bay, and I think this is great news. Bishop Ricken is a true defender of the faith, and I feel confident that any new religious community he establishes will yield abundant fruit.


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