Bp. Morlino: Media creating a "Spirit of Pope Francis"


  1. OK, if there's the media's "Spirit of VII" and there's this other "real VII", would someone clarify just want the "real VII" is and what a true implementation would look like. Then tell us how we get there with the current pastoral approach of the Church.

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  3. Web site "JungleWatch" shows a big dispute within the Catholic Church among the Catholic faithful regarding the Neocatechumenal Way!

  4. OK Casandra. The spirit of V2 had bishops and priests tearing out our altar rails, moving Jesus in the tabernacle to a broom closet, removing all latin from the liturgy,(none of which was in the documents) giving a head nod to an empty altar instead of genuflecting to Jesus in the tabernacle, later giving Holy Commujnion in the hand, largely making the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass simply a holy meal, succeeding in destroying most of the reverence to God in His own house. The actual documents have much beauty. For example, that the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of our church.

    1. I didn't ask for you to describe the "spirit of VII". I can see that everyday.

      the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of our church.
      So we needed to gather all the bishops of the world to say that?! Really?

      What I want is someone (preferably from the Magisterium) to step into 1962 with the "real VII" (before the media chimes in and the changes start), and tell me what the Church was supposed to look like. Do we get a Novus Ordo? If so, does it look the same?

      Because, thus far, the Magisterium has produced this, and the pastoral approach continues the same. If the "real VII" is supposed to be different, then what does it look like? Why does the current direction seem to reinforce that this is what is supposed to be like--otherwise, why no course change?

    2. So how about the manner in which the Neocatechumenal receive communion?


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