Everybody sign the Pope to Green Bay website petition!

While [Mayor] Schmitt calls it a grassroots campaign to bring Pope Francis to Green Bay, he explained that he is reaching out to Bishop Ricken and the Diocese of Green Bay. “Part of this will be a strong working relationship with the diocese.”

While the odds may be against Green Bay hosting a papal visit, it isn’t unprecedented to have a pope visit the state. Two years before his election in 1978, Blessed Pope John Paul II paid a visit to Stevens Point.

“I just hope he gives this thing some consideration,” said Schmitt. “We are going to get more people and organizations involved. We’ll start the effort now. It’s 18 months away. This would be awesome if it happens, but (if it doesn’t) just the joy it brings people, the thought of hosting the Holy Father. It’s just great.”

Schmitt, a member of St. Francis Cathedral Parish in Green Bay, said he has run the idea past his brother, Fr. Carl Schmitt, pastor of Corpus Christi Parish, Sturgeon Bay, and St. Mary Parish, Maplewood, and he is supportive of the plan.

Asked his impressions of Pope Francis, Schmitt gave a politician’s response.

“If he stood for election he would easily be reelected,” he said.

“You just love to see youth be engaged with any leader — and the diversity he’s embracing,” added Schmitt. “The basic values of humanity that he speaks of, those are all things that build community and that’s what we are working on here. … What a great piece of the world we are here in northeast Wisconsin and only good can come out of this.”

On Monday, Schmitt’s office unveiled a website, Pope to Green Bay, inviting people to support the plan by signing an online petition. To view or sign it, go to www.popetogreenbay.com.
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SIGN IT!!  He's coming.  That's all there is to it. 

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