Pipe Ceremony at Minnesota Liturgy

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[Minneapolis]  This is part two of a series of short videos featuring liturgical abuses by a dissident priest, Father Micahel Tegeder and Deacon Joseph Damiani.  The Archdiocese is well aware that this takes place every Sunday.  The Ojibway outreach, which looks more like a platform for nostalgic hippies to relive their past, has been in action since it was founded by Father Notebaart.

It's also a recipient of Catholic Outreach funds.

American Indians have been participating at Holy Mass for centuries without the benefit of such showmanship and shamanistic intervention.  The pipe ceremony is intended to "call down spirits", but just what spirits are being called down?

The following is a continuation of videos taken on Holy Saturday of 2012.

You may recall this....

I think there should be some room for appropriate organic liturgical growth, but I think it has to start in the Catholic tradition and move toward the culture and not the other way around.  


  1. The deacon is also assigned to my parish. His homilies are excellent. I don't understand this other stuff.

    1. Is he also on biship accountability

  2. Would that be considered a "High" Mass?

    1. I forgot to comment, but this is the comment of the year.


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