Winona Diocese offers Lenten retreat for women at Guadalupe Shrine March 29

Healing, Forgiveness and God’s Great Love” 
a Lenten retreat for women sponsored by the Diocese of Winona
Retreat Leader: Theresa Martin, Main Retreat Speaker: Vicki Thorn
What are You holding onto?
Loss of a loved one
Broken relationships
Child with special needs
Family member with a problem
Divorce or Separation
Unresolved hurts from childhood

We all have wounds, hurts that we carry. Sometimes it is merely something doesn’t go the way we planned and we just want to scream “Why?!” Or perhaps it was something we did (intentionally or not), something someone else did or a loss that occurred.

As women we feel this pain deeply and even if we think we have “let it go” or forgiven the offender, God can draw us even deeper within our souls where another layer of healing needs to happen.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ forgives and heals. He can take that situation and bring even more good out of it! Spend a day with us this Lent to bring all your troubles, worries, anxieties and hurts to Him and lay them down on His cross. Through talks, time of peaceful prayer, reflection, fellowship, Confession and Holy Mass, we pray this will be a day of peace, forgiveness and healing. God loves you more than you could ever imagine. He is waiting to draw you even closer to Him.

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