Braun responds to boos with booms

So Ryan Braun had a breakout game yesterday, much to the chagrin of Philly fans. I can't blame them. Back when Steve gave his take on the Braun situation, I still wasn't sure how I felt.  For whatever reason, Braun feels he needs to be as vague as possible about what exactly he did wrong, very Lance Armstrong-ish.  I guess one can appreciate what God has to go through with us, we kind of, sort of admit something wrong happened, but likely we were not personally responsible for any of it.  It's a little terrifying to think about when we meet Him face to face how we'll have to see the reality of our disgracefulness.

Note: If the embed doesn't work, watch Ryan Brawn hit 3 home runs to booing Philly fans.
By the way, this happened on the anniversary of thee greatest baseball player to ever play the game breaking Babe Ruth's long standing home run record - without enhancing his performance... Mr. Henry Aaron.  Did you know that when he came up into baseball he was hitting switch handed(with power)?!  He's such a simple, humble, wonderful man.  Highlights of Mike & Mike: Hank Aaron Reflects On No. 715, Home Run Record

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