Help for a reader looking for a parish in Appleton


I happened upon your website and wonder if you have a recommendation for an orthodox Catholic Church in Appleton, WI?  We would love a TLM.  We certainly definitely want solidly orthodox, true to Church teachings and not innovative, etc.

Thank you for any help,
Actually, I've only driven through I think, on the way to the Big Shrine(Good Help) and the little shrine(Lambeau).  I was going to go one year when my cousin was in the state baseball championship but the stars did not align.  I know there are readers from Appleton, care to give your input on the Catholic scene?


  1. Folks residing in the Appleton area travel to Green Bay to the Institute of Christ the King's TLM located on diocesan property. But that location will change in summer when the Institute's St. Joseph Oratory moves to the west side of Green Bay (better for Hwy. 41 travelers) and takes up residence at St. Patrick's Church.

    Really, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to travel from Appleton to Green Bay.

  2. Excellent news about the move!!! Can't wait for my next visit. I thought at one point either Appleton or Oshkosh had the Institute come down to say a monthly TLM, that may no longer be happening.

    Yes, with much of the updates to Hwy 41 completed, I think it's definitely a quick drive.

  3. I live in the Appleton area. The TLM used to be offered at the parish I go to, but has since ceased. As far as orthodox teaching, I visit St Pius X in Appleton quite a bit and haven't heard anything against the Faith preached there. During some of the year they have a guy who teaches classes on various papal encyclicals, among other things. Liturgically: they use both organ and piano (more piano than organ), versus populum orientation, not much of the "smells and bells" though. Sunday evening Mass usually has (unfortunately) guitars and maybe drums ("praise and worship" type music), I've never seen it done during the Sunday morning Masses, only the evening one.

    Other than there and my home parish, I visit St Mary's in Menasha and it seems to be an orthodox parish. It's a beautiful old church that survived the "wreck-o-vation". Daily Mass usually has some latin chant in it, one of the weekday Masses has devotions to our Mother of Perpetual Help directly after Mass. Preaching was always good there and the people were the most helpful and nice as I've found in the area. If I planned on staying in the area I would consider joining this parish.

    Wherever you go, I would generally recommend avoiding St Mary's and St Joseph's in downtown Appleton. They are run by the Capuchins and,'s not always good, I'll just leave it at that. During the weekday Masses they still use the "old" english translation of the Mass - and seem to make it a point to do so. I don't go there on Sundays to know if it is done then as well.

    If I had a better car I would seriously consider making the drive to Green Bay for the TLM. I prefer a well celebrated Novus Ordo, but that isn't always the easiest to find around here.

    Perhaps others have had better experiences than I have around the area and could recommend another parish. God Bless!

    1. This is excellent feedback. Thanks a bunch! ... After reading your assessment, I assume that the reason not many people have chimed in is because of the issues mentioned.


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