WI Senate Republicans Kill “Choose Life” Bill; Choose Life Wisconsin Inc. Prepares Lawsuit

via WI Family Action
After months of hard work, passionate lobbying at the State Capitol, and many phone calls and emails from grassroots pro-lifers, Wisconsin Family Action is extremely disappointed to report that the “Choose Life” Wisconsin license plate bill (AB 206) did not pass. Senate Republican leadership refused to schedule the bill for a final vote on the last day of session, effectively killing it.

But this isn’t over yet. Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. has made public its intention to take the “Choose Life” plate to the courts, with the goal of compelling the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker to make AB 206 law. The lawsuit is based on the fact that the legislature previously approved a similar women’s health license plate, and it would therefore be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination to exclude pro-choice, pro-life, or any other viewpoint about women’s health from the specialty license plate program.

To read the attorney’s letter to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and the rest of the Wisconsin State Senate, click here. To read Choose Life Wisconsin’s testimony in favor of the plate, click here.
These guys are a joke.  Time to vote them out.  


  1. In Colorado we have a "Respect Life" license plate. OK, it supposedly is to commemorate the Columbine shooting victims and there is a lovely columbine on the plate (state flower) but many pro-life people have chosen to have this plate to promote the basic message of life.

  2. Yes, they are a frustrating, frustrating joke


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