Wisconsin government’s pro-life leadership deficit continues to worsen

Over the past few months, the actions of Wisconsin’s Republican leadership have raised red flags among pro-lifers for abandoning legislation that would ban sex-selection abortion and protect Wisconsinites’ conscience rights against forced subsidizing of abortion. Disturbingly, not only has the trend continued, but it may be getting worse.

First, Wisconsin Family Action reports that the GOP-controlled state Senate “refused to schedule” a final vote on AB 206, a bill making available “Choose Life” license plates (the sales of which would fund pregnancy resource services), “on the last day of session, effectively killing it.”

Granted, license plates are hardly the biggest item on the pro-life agenda, but the fact that they pose no threat to legal abortion makes it all the more baffling why ostensibly pro-life leaders would feel the need to stifle them. The mildest possible pro-life measure is still too controversial? Pathetic.

Second, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Gov. Scott Walker has hired a new spokeswoman, Alleigh Marre, for his gubernatorial reelection. In 2011, Marre declared, “I’m a Republican, and I support Planned Parenthood, a woman’s right to choose, access to STD testing, birth control, etc.” Marre has also worked for pro-abortion ex-GOP Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts. So far there’s been no outright confirmation as to what Marre thinks about abortion today, but as the MJS’s Daniel Bice points out, statements by Team Walker have “all but confirmed Marre’s pro-choice position.”
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