Abp. Listecki on the "Packer Bishop"

The Packer Pope
3. I've seen many green bay packer fans dressed as "packer bishops." what do you think? Is this something fans should be proud of or upset about?

Fans are fans. I’m fully expecting after Green Bay makes its petition to try to get Pope Francis to come there, there will probably be popes dotting the landscape of the Green Bay stadium, done in papal garb. It’s kind of a way to celebrate who they are in relationship to it. I don’t see it as a way of mocking. And you know the difference between when somebody is using it to mock rather than when somebody is using it to celebrate. I see it basically as fans celebrating; they’re celebrating their love for the Packers with their connection to the church.
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I assume they are referring to John O'Neill, the Packer Pope who refers to himself as “Saint Vince.”  I'm not sure what else he'd say, but I think it's terrible.  The guy might just be having fun but it's at the very best, one of the most excessively tacky things humanly possible.  His wife Mary Beth, aka "Cheese Louise," often appears with him sporting her trademark cheese bra


  1. I agree, Matt. I think it's horrible.

  2. I must say, it might not be so horrible if I hadn't seen then Archbishop Dolan in a cheese head hat during Liturgy


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