MI Sheriff’s refusal to allow abortion results in a new family

PERE MARQUETTE TWP. — Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole’s refusal to allow an inmate to have an abortion while she was housed at the Mason County Jail means that a child is alive today.

Cole spoke briefly during Tuesday night’s Mason County Right to Life dinner at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

“Last summer, sometime in July or August, I was sitting at my desk and the department nurse came to see me. She told me that we had another pregnant inmate — we had four at one time — at that the girl wanted an abortion.

“I said no. The taxpayers of Mason County weren’t going to pay for that. If she wanted to get an abortion she would have to get a court order.”

Cole said he consulted with Undersheriff Jody Hartley who agreed with him about the decision. The sheriff said a couple months then went by and he really hadn’t heard anymore about the issue.

“We were told that the inmate had received a court order allowing her to get an abortion. I again spoke with Undersheriff Hartley about this and we decided that we would call some folks and commit the day to prayer.

“While preparing for the procedure the young lady had a change of heart and decided she wasn’t going to have an abortion. After that, she and I would meet every couple of weeks or so. I remember telling her that she is a hero.”

The woman was eventually released from jail.

“I gave her my card with my cell number on it and told her to call me when the baby was born,” Cole said.

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