Janesville superintendent apologizes for same-sex marriage video showing

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The Washington Times:

The Janesville School District superintendent apologized this week after high school students were shown a video in which children react to same-sex marriage proposals, saying the video was biased in favor of gay marriage.

Superintendent Karen Schulte said Tuesday the district needs to show all sides when discussing controversial issues and that the 16-minute video – shown April 11 as part of a national anti-bullying day – failed to provide sufficient balance.

The video “certainly didn’t show support for the other side,” she told The Janesville Gazette.

Craig High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance showed “Kids React to Gay Marriage,” in which children react to the proposals and share their thoughts on related issues such as gay-marriage bans.
Here's the video:

Details as WisSJ

Question: In how many Catholic schools was this video shown?

Update: Wow, even Drudge picked up on this.

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  1. What would the Pope say about this? Who am I to judge?


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