Kaukauna Catholic Schools transition to classical curriculum

Wow, on the heels of a new Classical Catholic School being created in Green Bay, the Kaukauna Catholic School System(right near Appleton) is making the transition to a Catholic classical curriculum.  A kind priest sent me an update a few weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to get a post out until now .
The classical curriculum transition begins in fall 2014, and includes:
  • Faith Integration: Faith will be further integrated into all academic subjects and a Catholic worldview will permeate the school.
  • Historical Emphasis/Integrated Curriculum: History is presented with Christ as the center and the key for understanding time. Students will become well-versed in the great ideas of Western civilization: democracy, science, art and literature, all while learning how these ideas unify our culture.
  • Age-Appropriate Methods: In the earlier grades, children’s brains develop in such a way that they can memorize and be taught enormous amounts of information. This is referred to as the “grammar stage” of education. The “logic stage” of education begins in middle school, when their ability to reason develops. Students will learn logic and reasoning skills while delving deeper into the information they had mastered in earlier grades. Students will learn how to think critically, debate and reason.
  • Emphasis on Language: There will be a strong emphasis on reading, writing, phonics, and vocabulary. Students will read the great literature of Western civilization and learn foreign languages at earlier levels.
  • Original Sources: Modern education is almost totally based on textbooks. Students will read original sources, not just interpretations through textbooks. For example, rather than reading about the “Declaration of Independence,” or the “Constitution,” they will read and study the actual documents.
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Really it's hard to imagine there are other Catholic educational models even in existence.
Officials say demand from parents is part of the reason for this move. Currently, there are nearly 200 students in the Kaukauna Catholic School System, which is supported by the parishes of Holy Cross and St. Katherine Drexel in Kaukauna.
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Photos of the Press Release with Bishop Ricken

That would put our list at:

St. Ambrose in Madison
Aquinas Academy in Menomonee Falls
Trinity Academy in Pewaukee
Providence Academy in La Crosse
Yet to be named in Green Bay
KCSS in Kaukauna

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