Marquette University to "improve dialogue" on "issues of gender and sexuality and our Catholic, Jesuit mission"

[Marquette University email to all faculty:]

Another inclusivity effort initiated this year, the Action Group on Campus Conversations on Gender and Sexuality, has met throughout the spring semester to discuss how to improve dialogue on campus related to issues of gender and sexuality and our Catholic, Jesuit mission. That group is organizing campus forums this fall for faculty, staff and students to share their thoughts, and I urge all of you to participate in these meaningful discussions.
Gay and lesbian students will be asked to report instances where anybody let on that they think that homosexuality is not a normal condition, or that homosexual acts are sinful or immoral. 

In other words, any instances where some student might let slip that they accept Catholic teaching on homosexuality. That can’t be allowed at a modern Catholic university.
Marquette Warrior has the whole story

I tend to agree with Dr. McAdams, there is definitely inner turmoil at Marquette on the issue.  You may remember the message below being published "accidentally" by MU Campus Ministry, to their credit later removing it.  So any time these types of issues are up for "discussion" at MU, antennae perk up.

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  1. How about coming out of these places of 'higher learning' and get your degree on line.


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