More on the new classical Catholic school in Green Bay

Some more on the yet to be named school.

The decision to open the new school came after a group of parents began talking in 2012 about the need for a school of this kind and submitted a formal request to The Diocese of Green Bay in February.

"We just simply feel since the people are asking for us to launch a school with this model," said Father Dane Radecki, GRACE System president.

The new school doesn't have a name yet, but the diocese plans on opening it in what was once St. Joseph school, which closed less than ten years ago. The school is scheduled to open fall 2015.
He hasn't picked a name yet. It'll be located in the former St. Joseph school, on 12th Street, on Green Bay's westside.

The plans are for a K-8 school, but initially it will offer K-3.
“The goal is to develop complete thinkers who learn to draw on faith and reason together for the purpose of building up the church and society,” the bishop said at a press conference. This specific kind of education is “very ancient, but very new.”
A survey indicated about 140 students could enroll in the new school based on family interest. Most interest comes from families at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, St. Joseph’s Oratory and Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, he said. [a good indicator if you are looking for a parish] Consideration was given to including the classical curriculum in one of the existing GRACE schools but there was no interest, Radecki said.

About 43 percent of those showing interest are home-schooled; 30 percent are in GRACE schools and 20 percent attend public schools, Radecki said. The goal is to have about 18 to 22 students per classroom.

A search for a new school leader would begin in fall. That leader would work with Radecki to develop curriculum and to hire teachers and staff.
Very good article from Green Bay Press Gazette 
There's video there too, removed the embed because it autoplayed.

I know I mention it often, but Bp. Ricken helped found a fantastic classical Catholic college; Wyoming Catholic College.


  1. Yes, a new Catholic Classical School will be openinin 2015/16 school year. But next year a current Catholic school will begin to transition to Classical Curriculum. Kaukauna Catholic School System will begin the 3 year transition beginning next year.

    1. Very interesting! Do you know where I can find more information?

    2. There will be an official press release on May 16th. On this site there is some prelimary material for the parents. The Classical Education on the side bar.

  2. Here's some coverage from the KCSS May 16th press conference:

    Hope that helps! :)

    1. Thank you, working on a post on this.


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