Apparent Tornado near Madison, no serious injuries

One of Madison's hardest hit areas by a line of storms that included an apparent tornado late Monday and early Tuesday was on the Southwest Side just west of Vitense Golfland.

The Madison Fire Department said at least 23 homes were damaged and at least six had their roofs torn off in a two-block area of Yorkshire Road and Friar Lane just south of Schroeder Road. Scores of trees were destroyed; some covered vehicles parked in driveways and others blocked Friar Lane.

No serious injuries were reported, but some residents left their homes and took shelter in a Madison Metro bus until they could find alternative housing. Crews from the the Madison Streets Division and from the Madison Forestry Department also responded to help clear the debris and used chainsaws, grapples and front-end loaders.
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  1. There was also a tornado in Verona, another reported in Fitchburg, and a fourth reported in Shorewood Hills. It was a busy night here on in western Dane County! No serious injuries reported from any of them, Deo gratias.

    They were out on the street behind my house at 1am cutting up several 40-50 foot trees that were downed. They were just finishing the clean-up here when I got home from work this afternoon. Verona is on my way home from work; they have some really major damage there.


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