Bp Morlino to celebrate Solemn Pontifical Mass on Sunday, June 29!

from a friend: 
After those three Solemn High Masses, I have some even more exciting TLM news here in Madison for you to share on the blog. Father Z has just confirmed to me that Bishop Morlino will celebrate a Solemn Pontifical Mass on Sunday, June 29.

The relevant info:

Solemn Pontifical TLM
of the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul
celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Robert Morlino
Sunday, June 29, 2014
Time TBD (probably 12:30 or 1:00 pm)
Confirmed start at "1300h" aka 1:00 pm.

at the chapel of the Bp O'Connor Center
702 South High Point Road,
Madison, WI 53719
I'll be on vacation that day but I'm going to see if I can swing down anyway.

I assume this would be the first Pontifical Mass in state since at least 1969.

On Wisconsin!



  1. In this case I am happy to say that you are incorrect, BC. This will not be the first Pontifical Mass since 1969. His Excellency Bishop Morlino has celebrated at least one, I think two, in the Summorum Pontificum era. Just this afternoon we were looking at the paperwork from the first one, listing all the clerics and servers.

    1. I was operating under the presumption that those previous Masses were either Low or High Masses, I didn't realize they were full blown Pontificals. Thanks for the correction.

    2. There have been numerous Pontifical Low Masses celebrated by the dear Bishop over the years. Only one or two have been Solemn Pontifical Masses -- one very soon after Summorum went into effect, and I believe there was a second with the SJCP priests as well.

  2. A full-blown Pontifical High Mass was celebrated at St Stan's when ICK took control, w/Bishop Perry of Chicago.

  3. Something tells me you both set me straight one time before, LOL. Perhaps it is old age that causes my mind to slip.

  4. There have been at least TWO, "full blown" Pontifical High Masses in the Madison Diocese in recent years. The first was Gaudete Sunday, 12/16/2007, in thanksgiving for Summorum Pontificum. The second was for the Feast of the Holy Cross, 9/14/2008. Both were celebrated at beautiful, historical Holy Redeemer Church (part of the diocesan cathedral parish) in Downtown Madison. The Holy Redeemer sacred polyphony choir & Schola Gregoriana provided musical accompaniment. I was one of the original members of the diocesan Tridentine Mass Society, & helped to organize both events. I also sang in the Schola. I'm pleased Bishop Morlino is celebrating another Pontifical Mass, but mystified as to why it's being held at the O'Connor Center, which is, frankly, a rather sterile venue.

  5. I presume you are talking about the Madison Diocese when you say that this is the first pontifical high Mass since 1969. (Typical Mad-City types!) :) There are other dioceses in the state however (and all four of them are older than Madison!) (Ok, enough snark) Cardinal Burke has celebrate several at St. Mary's Oratory in Wausau. Just though you might like to know.


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