MkeCH: Pilgrims ‘pray with Mary, walk with Jesus from Good Help to Holy Hill

For centuries, Christian pilgrims have trod the Way of St. James, carrying their lives on their backs as they travel by foot along one of a dozen paths that bear the faithful through the corners of Europe to Santiago de Compostela, where tradition holds that the remains of St. James are buried.

This rigorous physical and spiritual undertaking is mimicked by Fr. Andrew Kurz’s “Wisconsin Way” pilgrimage, a 120-mile expedition from the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, in the Green Bay Diocese to Holy Hill in Hubertus. Fr. Kurz, a priest of the Diocese of Green Bay, first completed the pilgrimage by himself in October 2013, and this past May he embarked on a second pilgrimage with a group of seminarians.

When Abbey Gagne heard about the Wisconsin Way, she was disappointed there wasn’t an option for girls. The 17-year-old confirmand from St. Peter Parish, Slinger, had just seen “The Way,” the 2011 film starring Martin Sheen, and was inspired by the tenacious devotion of the historical pilgrim.

“My mom and I listen to Relevant Radio, and we heard about Fr. Kurz and how he was planning a men’s pilgrimage,” she said. “And I thought, ‘I wish there was one for girls!’”
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If only I had a Green Bay contributor to reach out to interview Fr. Kurz...

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