Abp. Listecki blesses the new tower for Relevant Radio

Speaking of Relevant Radio, did you hear that they fired Sean Herriott?  I guess it happened a few months ago, but I just heard about it.
Lots of folks are starting to ask, "What happened?"

Relevant Radio decided to make a change in morning drive, and my last day with the company was a week ago today. It was unexpected, but some of life's greatest blessings can come wrapped up as problems.

Everyone at Relevant Radio was kind, compassionate, and showed genuine concern for me and my family. I have nothing but gratitude for the nearly 10 years I spent there. On and off the air, they are the best people I've ever worked with.

The Herriott family is on to new adventures, and we have no idea where the road will take us at this point. I'm exploring some possible work opportunities, and I'll start looking in earnest next week. In the meantime, thanks so much for your concern, and for your prayers.

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