Doors Open Milwaukee event this weekend, religious sites open for free tours

From a reader:
Sorry I didn't get this to you sooner, but I did want to mention that out in Milwaukee this weekend, Doors Open Milwaukee will be taking place. Over 160 sites, religious and secular will be open for free public tours. I am sending this to you to possibly share with Cathedral Parish because of the number of religious, particularly Catholic sites that are open for tours. It looks like it could be a pretty decent day trip for anyone with an architectural or historic curiosity. Below are the Catholic Milwaukee sites I am aware of that will have tours.

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (includes special tour by the architect of their early 2000s redesign on Sunday)
St. Joan Antida High School
St. Benedict the Moor Parish Church
Marquette University - St. Joan of Arc Chapel
Basilica of St. Josaphat (includes a lecture by Milwaukee historian John Gurda on Sunday) [aka my prrrrrrrrrrecious]
Saint Francis de Sales Seminary
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
St. Joseph Chapel of School Sisters of St. Francis
St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church
Calvary Cemetery Chapel (includes a "ticketed special tour")

There are about 150 sites to see besides these, so it could be a full day/weekend for just about anyone.

Here's a link to the event:
And the event guide:

I have been volunteering for this event since 2012, so I can safely say it's a good event to see and be a part of though clearly not a strictly religious one. 
Get me some photos to post Milwaukeean!

Well, you can skip St. John's Cathedral if you like....

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