Milwaukee Cathedral "Crucifix"

The seat of the Wisconsin Metropolitan Archbishop.
Fiberglass crucifix designed by Italian sculptors Arnaldo Pomodoro and Giuseppe Maraniell. The piece is topped with a crown of thorns, fourteen feet in diameter, which hovers over the figure of Christ.

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How it got butchered.
Update: This link is not an endorsement to the "Rad-Trad" Tradition in Action site, but they do have some good articles.  Any viewers of the site should proceed with caution beyond the article I linked.


  1. Thanks for the link-this is very interesting. I will never forget seeing protesters outside the Cathedral and so many stories in the newspaper. Yes, the crucifix does not look like it belongs, and I hate the chairs behind the altar, and the fact that the tabernacle has been moved to the side in a separate chapel, but the remainder of the church is still gorgeous.

    After looking at the other links with the story, I am very grateful that the Milwaukee Cathedral doesn't look like the tasteless and style-less one in Los Angeles! I've been to the Cathedral in Chicago,too and it left me cold. So, looking for a bright side-it could be worse.

    Now if you are ever in Milwaukee and want to visit a gorgeous church, you've got to stop at the Basilica of St. Josephat-your Bishop Callahan did a tremendous job in that renovation-it is fabulous! Also, the Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians at Holy Hill is another feast for the eyes and the soul!

  2. Also, I have to ask, what is a Sconnie?

  3. I agree Anne, it sure could be worse. But its always a shame when the churches our fathers and grandfathers built are treated with such little little respect to say the least.

    I DO want to see St Josephat. Last time I was in town I wanted to get over to see it but I ran out of time. If I still get to a Brewer game this year I will (and bring my camera for the blog!). Also I want to get to Holy Hill but its a bit of a drive. Maybe my next trip to Milwaukee should be just for church viewing....

    I will answer your last question with a blog post.

  4. Badger, I have a 'black and white' picture of what the inside of St John's Cathedral looked like before the "Supreme" Wreckovation was completed.

    Definition of Supreme: High Altar removed, communion rails removed, BALDACHIN removed.

    I would love to visit St Josephat's basilica myself. There is Old St Mary's church within a few blocks of the Cathedral that is also very delightful to the eye.

  5. This is nasty...Jesus, forgive me...but that whole "mess" should be placed upon the certain Archbishop's head who did this monstrosity...there, I said it.
    I visited St. John's Cathedral just before the "reckovation"...
    just absolutely criminal...

  6. AMEN Nazareth Priest! I wish I could have visited St John's Cathedral before the trashing, but in 2000 I was just learning what Cathedrals and Bishops were. At least I got to see St Rapheal's Cathedral just before it was burned down.


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