GBPG: Green Bay Diocese backs away from Common Core

The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay continues its move away from the Common Core State Standards, and administrators expect to finish updated educational standards of their own by the end of the year.

The diocese has had a set of school standards for years. When Wisconsin adopted the Common Core in 2010, Catholic educators noted those standards complemented their own, and told school principals and teachers they could look to both set of standards for guidance.

However, growing political backlash against Common Core helped lead Catholic school administrator to back away from the new state standards.

"The problem isn't the standards, but the other stuff," said Joe Bound, director of the diocese's Education Department. "The bishop decided rather than have the two sets, we would stick with the diocesan standards, and at some point to review or update them."

Bishop David Ricken announced in spring Catholic schools would use the diocese's set of standards. Bound says he also asked administrators to review and update math and reading standards, which will be completed in the next few months.
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As I've said before, Bp. Ricken has a major focus on education.

I haven't had a chance to follow up but it's my understanding the Diocese of La Crosse is implementing Common Core in the diocesan schools.  They keep sending mixed messages on the topic and Bp. Callahan has said nothing public on the matter.

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