Two (conservative) takes on the Common Core

Sol Stern argues for, and Peter Wood against, in essays in the latest issue of The New Criterion.

Stern's, "Our conservative Core", stresses that Common Core places greater emphasis on content.

"The most hopeful part of the new Standards is that they reject the instructional malpractice that prevents the public schools from fulfilling their historic mission of producing literate American citizens who know something about their country’s history and its republican heritage."
Wood's "Core deceptions" stresses how the Common Core has been formulated and adopted.
"Within a matter of a few months, most Americans were placed under a new nationalized educational regime they had no share in creating and no opportunity to review."
Here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, we can only wonder if there'd be less controversy now had the Chancery approached this issue with candor and patience.


  1. Terry, it's all about the money--specifically, the Choice schools money.

    1. If so, why couldn't Arcbishop Listecki just say that?


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