Bp. Callahan op-ed in LaxTrib: "Catholic Church will not abandon its values"

The current Vatican Extraordinary Synod, whose purpose is to study present-day Catholic life in preparation for an Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to be held in October 2015, has caused stirrings among those who have become sentinels at the gates of religion and culture.

In particular, the midterm report issued on Oct. 13 has given rise to stories that attempt to have us believe that the Catholic Church will be “reinvented” or somehow become “new and improved.”

The possibility of the church — whose task it is to serve the mission of Jesus Christ with charity, mercy and justice — considering the situations of contemporary humanity in terms of differing cultural ideas regarding such bedrock Catholic doctrines as marriage, intimate and interpersonal relationships, and family structures, is not a clear indicator that the church seeks to abandon her teaching in these areas.

Quite the contrary. The mission of the church is precisely to examine the life and times of men and women and speak truth with love to everyone.

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  1. These are not just "values." That is a subjective term. These are teachings and they come from Christ.


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