St. John Cantius Parish featured in “Open House Chicago”

St. John Cantius is featured in the Chicago Architecture Foundations“Open House Chicago” this weekend. The landmark church opened its doors and gave tours to hundreds of participants. Learn more about the art and architecture of St. John Cantius Church in this article.

Architecture of St. John Cantius: A Summary

DESIGNED by Adolphus Druiding and completed in 1898, St. John Cantius Church took five years to build and is one of the best examples of sacred architecture in the city. The unique baroque interior has remained intact for more than a century and is known for both its opulence and grand scale—reminiscent of the sumptuous art and architecture of 18th century Krakow. The imposing 130 ft. tower is readily seen from the nearby Kennedy Expressway.

In 2013, St. John’s completed an ambitious restoration, returning the lavish interior to its original splendor. Of all the “Polish cathedrals” in Chicago, St. John’s stands closest to downtown. Located in the heart of Chicago, one mile directly west of the famous Water tower on Chicago Avenue, St. John Cantius Church is easily accessible by car, bus, or subway.

Quick Facts

The cornerstone was laid in 1893. 50,000 people attended the ceremony.

The first Mass was held in the unfinished basement on Christmas Eve in 1893.

When the church was completed in 1898 it was the largest house of worship in the city.
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If you are in Chicago, you must visit.

St. John of Kanty, ora pro nobis!

Also, so does anyone know if the Canon Regulars plan to expand beyond their mother parish?  


  1. They have another parish in Volo, IL

  2. Keep in mind that the following is hearsay, but...

    I heard that Bp. Morlino has invited them to expand to the Diocese of Madison, but that, canonically, their community needs to have more members before they are permitted to do this.

    1. Thanks!

      ... That is exactly what I was wondering.


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