Cardinal George to speak in Eau Claire Oct 28th at “Excellence in Ethics Symposium”

Cardinal George, by the way, will be in Eau Claire on October 28! He is the lead-off speaker at the “Excellence in Ethics Symposium” at Sacred Heart Hospital from 10:00 until 2:30. Jacky and I have already registered. The $25 registration fee includes lunch, and the food is always so good there, just so you know. Besides Cardinal George, Jesuit physician Myles Sheehan will speak on end-of-life issues like “Which types of treatments are acceptable and which are not? Where is the meaning in the pain and suffering of dying?” To inquire or register, you can call our own Mary Ellen Bliss at the Center for Spiritual Care, 715.717.6594. With the Cardinal himself in the process of dying, this event should be profound.
St. James the Greater Parish (ahem "Where All Are Welcome") - Eau Claire



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