JS: Gay marriages to resume in Wisconsin as Supreme Court rejects appeals

Without explanation, the Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals from Wisconsin and four other states seeking to preserve their gay marriage bans, setting up an immediate and historic return of same-sex unions here but leaving the broader question of same-sex marriage unanswered at the national level.

In their order, the nine justices provided no reason for rejecting the appeals from Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and officials in the states of Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia.

The court's order soon will bring back gay marriage in these states, though it was unclear if the return would be immediate. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell, a Democrat and strong supporter of same sex unions, initially had no comment Monday morning on when he might begin issuing licenses, saying he needed a little time to work out the implications of the order.

But just minutes later, McDonell said he was ready.

"We're a go here," he said. "If someone walked in here right now, I'd issue one."
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Perhaps Elagabalus will run for president next.

This I guess strengthens the case for electing Republicans just to put decent judges on the bench .... I'm curious if the conspirators knew the SCOTUS would take no action beforehand.  Pundits have been warning for a while that the goal of the Homosexualists was to Roe v Wade marriage since they knew they still couldn't get it through most any legislature.

The point of this is not to live side by side Christians in peace.  The goal is to force Christians to affirm and praise this very old religion of unnaturalism.  Next will come lawsuits against Christian agencies and businesses in the state.  Lawyer up!  Hopefully there is a plan in place for all our Catholic charities in the state.  If there are any conferences or resources available, especially to small agencies without the financial backing of the Gay Mafia, email me and I'll do a post.


  1. How close does this bring us to forcing Catholic Churches (or any church) from performing irregular marriages (gay or otherwise)?

  2. I don't see how electing Republicans will somehow transform this country. Most Republicans are nothing but Democrats in Republican sheep's clothing. What about those so-called "c"atholic U.S. Supreme Court justices? Where's that accountability? This article is from someone who writes much better than I do: http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2014/10/the-us-is-over-get-used-to-it.html Thank God for God, for without Him, we would die of despair!


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