Across ArchMil - week of September 29th

From the Chancery

Synod implementation 'puts ball in our hands', Herald of Hope column by Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, "We need to find ways to engage the persons in the pews whose lives at this time may not allow them to participate in parish activities, but who can still read or visit a website. Reaching those persons will be necessary for the success of the synod implementation."

At the Seminaries, Monasteries, Convents

Clergy abuse survivors upset with timing of Catholic fundraiser after court hearing, by Priscilla Luong, WDJT, Milwaukee

In the Milwaukee Catholic Herald

WRTL director Barbara Lyons grateful for 'privilege' to touch thousands of lives, and Unborn, aging population will remain focus for Weininger, by Maryangela Layman Roman, on the leadership change at Wisconsin Right to Life

Around the Parishes and Schools

St. Francis Borgia breaks ground on education, activity center, by Tom Jozwik, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "The center will boast 26 classrooms, a gymnasium and facilities for preschoolers and extended care program participants. It will have a capacity of 500 students. The current school serves 327 pupils in a parish numbering 2,000 families and 5,800 individuals, according to information provided by the parish."

Are Catholic Bishops Seeking a Religious Preference or Religious Freedom? by Ivan E. Bodensteiner, Valparaiso University, Marquette Law Review. "this Article suggests that the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the First Amendment religion clauses has emboldened religious organizations to seek preferred treatment..."

Lay Organizations

Stop the War on the Poor, Casa Maria Catholic Worker newsletter October 2014. "Poverty is a result of economic and social systems based on racism, sexism, and classism. White male privilege determines the value of work, in both the work of production and reproduction."

U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. Wis.)

Judge lays out path in Milwaukee church bankruptcy by Associated Press, Wisconsin Law Journal. "All involved are due back in court Oct. 22."

Judge to address protection of parishes in priest sex abuse cases, by Annysa Johnson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley on Friday voiced disappointment that the parties could not reach a settlement during two rounds of talks last month. And she issued a road map that will dictate how the case proceeds, saying she wants it 'on a fast track.'"

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  1. so just reading the abstract of the MU paper almost got my hopes up. But then again why does this guy from Valparaso really think the Bishops want religious preference over religious freedom? If thats what they really were after I would be happier than a pig in slop. Glad to know the separation of church and state clause somewhere [?] in the constitution is still being appealed to... "We are all masons now... not just Annibale" ... wait latter part is over the top


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