More on the Hubertus Haunted House

Jim Stingl of the JS took a tour of the Hubertus Haunted House.  Worth reading the full thing there.
Knowing there's a lot of competition for your spook house dollars, I guess I expected more Freddy Krueger or chain-saw-type mayhem and the resulting bloody body parts. I'm told it's been tamed down a bit this year.

"We do this without all the blood and guts people assume need to be in a haunted house," said Lynda DuPuy, a longtime core-group volunteer, member of the parish, and mother of two daughters who attended the school.

In that case, the attraction might want to change its website, which includes this blurb from a 2012 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review: "The bathroom scene might be one of the goriest of all the haunts."

DuPuy said repeatedly she's not bashing the archdiocese or speaking for the school, but she wishes the archdiocese would reconsider the decision to close the House of Horror. She and other volunteers met with Hying in March to present their case along with testimonials from satisfied customers, but it didn't seem to help.

The letter from Hying said the last straw was a video produced to promote the haunted house last year, which included scenes filmed in the actual church cemetery as well as murder, decapitation and cannibalism.

That video was outsourced, and it was a mistake, DuPuy admits. It was long ago taken down from YouTube.

The letter also mentions demonic images and inappropriate sexuality there in past years. DuPuy said none of that was presented.
full article at JS

I think it's possible to have a scary "haunted house" without murder, decapitation, and cannibalism.   Some of those crimes go on in this world and should not be depicted lightly.  Gore is for folks who just aren't very good scarers.


  1. I don't think a haunted house has any place within the Catholic Church. After all of the fuss about the Satanic Masses, why would we allow anything even remotely questionable on our Church property and use that money to support our schools? What kind of Catholic education goes on at a school that is supported by a haunted house? Keep the scares separate from our faith. There have to better ways to raise funds. Bishop Hying needs our support and our prayers. Here's more on the topic:

  2. I remember fondly my years in Arcadia where our Catholic school sponsored a haunted house. I thought that it was rather cleverly done. It was held in the old convent which had a basement and two floors. So we had scenes from hell in the basement, purgatory on the ground floor and heaven on the top floor. It was done in a theologically correct manner with an eye towards catechesis. It was a real success. Maybe a little more thought at Hubertus might have done the same. Bishops don't want to shut down parish activities, but a lack of consideration regarding who we are and what we are about sometimes makes it necessary.


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