UW St. Paul's receives $5 million donation from Milwaukee benefactor

With great jubilation and gratitude I am delighted to share that the Christ the Cornerstone Campaign to build the new St. Paul Chapel & Student Center just received a $5 million commitment from a Milwaukee area benefactor!

Such an astonishing gift brings the total raised to $17.58mm out of the$24mm campaign goal, just shy of 75% completed.

This continued campaign success displays the increasingly high level of commitment being invested and which is necessary for the future mission of St. Paul's at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We need your support now more than ever! We are less than $6.5mm away from building a new Catholic chapel & student center on campus that will last well over 100 years to serve young people from all over the country and world.

Thank you for all of your support to get us to this point and now let us press forward with faith and confidence to finish this campaign and build a new home for thousands of students for generations to come.
UW Catholic 

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  1. Wonderful! God bless the benefactor.


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