Another Marquette Philosophy Graduate Student Wants Classroom Discussion Censored

In response you our post on a graduate Marquette Philosophy instructor who said she would not allow discussion of gay marriage in her class because there might be gay students who would be “offended,” another Philosophy graduate student left a post on an online discussion board defending her. It’s instructive as to the ideology that pervades the politically correct precincts of Philosophy at Marquette. We are not naming her because, unlike Abbate, she is not in charge of any class (that we are aware of).

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Note the litany of reasons for shutting up discussion.

First, opposition to gay marriage is defined as “heterosexism.” In the world of the politically correct, there are no legitimate arguments against the gay political agenda, but only evil heterosexism. And is banning discussion of gay marriage really “confronting heterosexism.” In some minds, apparently.

Secondly, people who want to speak freely “intend to do violence against others in the classroom, to make the space less inclusive.” Apparently, opposing gay marriage is the same as “doing violence.” Beat up a gay guy, let a gay guy hear you oppose gay marriage? No difference to some people, apparently.
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McAdams absolutely nails it.  I wonder if any of the proponents of censorship would actually debate McAdams on the topic (Marquette is still a University, right?).  I'm pretty sure KKK members were offended when black civil rights leaders spoke out against slavery and oppression.  Does that mean that universities should be silenced on the hot button issues of the day?

The topsy-turvy thing about this is that the liberal Catholic colleges of today don't actually debate the issues that separates them from ordinary teachings of the magisterium of the Church, whereas these new Catholic universities who take their Catholic identity seriously take up the topics all the time!  Even public universities are more open to civil debate!!  The good ol' boys of the Land O' Lakes statement (of which I am at least partially sympathetic to) just created a new tyrannical(even in a better sense puritanical) magisterium who snuff out dissent better than any Inquisition ever did.  They have become what they hated and feared the most.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Land O' Lakes statement was named after Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, where one Fr. Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame hosted the infamous 1967 conference?  Notre Dame owns land there which at least now is used for their Environmental Research Center.

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