Fanatic Friday: It's All Over edition

As of posting this, I was convincingly de-throned as owner of Fanatic Fridays(13-4 and I even voted twice from different browsers!). I was bitter at first, in fact, I contrived a covert plot to return to Polka Fridays.   But nay, I do not rule as an emperor like some in this country.  No, I shall work for the common good!

Now, earlier this week my wife sent me the video below for posting, but I can see now that she wanted to ease in this reform.  She understands that the history of the liturgy to move too quickly would brutally confuse the good readers of The Badger Catholic.  Organic development is key.  Let us not repeat the mistakes of our forebearers in faith, but let us treasure the Avett's of the past but make accessible those melancholic lyrics of the NC brother band to a future generation.  Let us not disrupt the ordinary lives of the people with violent change, but exercise the great both of Catholicism, treasuring the past while looking to the future.

She goes further quoting Cardinal Ratziner's "The Organic Development of the Liturgy" to further explain the responsibility and limitations of her newly acquired power.
The pope is not an absolute monarch whose will is law, but is the guardian of the authentic Tradition, and thereby the premier guarantor of obedience. He cannot do as he likes, and is thereby able to oppose those people who for their part want to do what has come into their head. His rule is not that of arbitrary power, but that of obedience in faith. That is why, with respect to the Liturgy, he has the task of a gardener, not that of a technician who builds new machines and throws the old ones on the junk-pile.
Her gardening gloves are on as she grabs the ancient agricultural tool, the hoe... hey.... and puts to soil the seeds of a better tomorrow; seeds that do not overgrow the noble perennials of years past but compliment and harmonize as the garden grows together for a truest purpose.

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