WisSJ article on Call To Action grievances with Madison diocese

Meh.  Read it if you want.  The real story I guess would be what the article doesn't say, liberals are excited to get a +Cupich-like appointment, and the Vatican has been going after "conservative" bishops - although clearly some of those moves have other mitigating factors.  Since Pope Francis - who is blind to American Church politics outside his immediate American advisers - could be influence by what he does not know, he could be unwittingly an agent of change he does not intend to make.  These fringe groups who see Francis as (to quote Cardinal Kasper) "not a liberal but a radical" obviously take great hope by the types of people of whom Francis has remade the Curia.

At any rate, Brent King does a nice job in his responses, which Doug Erickson posted in full.  I think Erickson does a decent job giving both sides a fair shake although a Call To Action letter isn't exactly news to me.

The kicker:
In 2008, after the local Call to Action group purchased an ad in the State Journal (signed by 36 people) to complain about Morlino, more than 500 people signed an open letter to the community backing the bishop, which also was published as an ad in the newspaper. The ad evolved into a website supporting Morlino, where 1,069 people have now signed the letter.
In most circles, including liberal Catholic circles, Call To Action is considered a punchline, not a serious group.   I mean... Call To Action.... really?


  1. "Except for special occasions, the laity are not allowed to receive the cup—God bless those priests who tell their parishioners that Sunday Mass is a memorial of the Resurrection and thus a special occasion!"

    After all, those priests have given fair warning that they can't be trusted to avoid equivocating in 'small things' and so no one should be surprised if they go on to equivocate in larger things.

  2. So today I saw one of the 36 signers of the 2008 letter watching the activity in a construction site. I pondered. The many years this person stayed in the Catholic Church and dissented and spread dissent. This person watching the demolition at this construction site. This person may be wishing they succeed in the destruction of Bishop Morlino. I am called to pray for the conversion of this lost soul. Satan is continuing to destroy this person's soul. Lord have mercy.

  3. WTH? I see this photo while reading your other post and LOL! This is crazy!


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