Marquette Philosophy Instructor: “Gay Rights” Can’t Be Discussed in Class Since Any Disagreement Would Offend Gay Students

A student we know was in a philosophy class (“Theory of Ethics”), and the instructor (one Cheryl Abbate) was attempting to apply a philosophical text to modern political controversies. So far so good.

She listed some issues on the board, and came to “gay rights.” She then airily said that “everybody agrees on this, and there is no need to discuss it.”

The student, a conservative who disagrees with some of the gay lobby’s notions of “gay rights” (such as gay marriage) approached her after class and told her he thought the issue deserved to be discussed. Indeed, he told Abbate that if she dismisses an entire argument because of her personal views, that sets a terrible precedent for the class.

The student argued against gay marriage and gay adoption, and for a while, Abbate made some plausible arguments to the student — pointing out that single people can adopt a child, so why not a gay couple? She even asked the student for research showing that children of gay parents do worse than children of straight, married parents. The student said he would provide it.

So far, this is the sort of argument that ought to happen in academia.  [Exactly!]

But then things deteriorated.
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Yes, continue to read this train wreck.  Catholic colleges like Marquette claim they can teach whatever they want in the name of "academic freedom."  Ironically, it turns out the actual intention of "academic freedom" is to simply redefine the dogmas and decree them without consideration.  Don't think.  All your brains are belong to us.



  1. dont know if your aware but I guess a Society of Alumni and current students has been formed recently to respond to the abuses on campus. I was sent the info a little while back. Its called the Louis Joliet Society and they have a facebook page here:

  2. What a waste of resources. People are fighting for their right to be stupid and bigoted. This Marquette Warrior is no warrior. The person, Cheryl Abbate, who is being demonized is not just a responsible adult and teacher but also a trainer for the United States army and a scholar. Thanks a lot for publishing her name and picture all over the Christian network because that is way more helpful than just evolving to be better human beings.

    1. Where are her name and picture published? You mean on the Marquette University website?

      The topic of discussion here is "academic freedom."


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