Christmas at Old St. Anne

One of Milwaukee's central city parishes closed in the 1990s was St. Anne, where I was baptized (long before the 1990s). Now even the St. Anne's Church & School Memorial Web Site seems to be gone. But thanks to the Internet Archive, we can still see the church ready for Christmas.
The parish name is carried on by St. Anne in Pleasant Prairie.


  1. Most of the windows from St. Anne were installed at St. Lucy in Racine. Adoration there 3 days a week, so quite the inspirational environment

  2. Was this church ever the victim of a wreckovation or could one still find it, minus the stain glass windows, intact on the inside?

    1. St Anne is now Metropolitan Memorial Baptist church, in a Black Baptist denomination. The church, while it was Catholic, was never wreckovated. Everything inside has been painted over and is white with clear glass windows. The altars were removed and the main altar serves the same role in one of the diocesan cathedrals in Montana. I don't know what happened to the baldachino. In the basement was also a Lourdes Grotto. I don't know what happened to it. The pictures above the side altars were mosaics.

  3. I was an altar server here in 1949-1950. Our fourth grade teacher, Sister Mary Venard SSND is still living at Elm Grove, taught the servers! There was also a basement church. Four priests were assigned. Sometimes there were 7 Masses on Sundays. The church and school were located on 36th Street between Mieneke and Wright. St Thomas Aquinas and St Leo closed at the same time, during the "reign" of Abp Weakland.

  4. Looks very old style church. ! Before Vatican ll my Dad used to go on Sunday to "catch a side altar Mass". Visiting priests when there were plenty to go around. Side altar Mass was quick and no sermon, usually. We had four chapels in my home Church. One does not hear that phrase at all now.

  5. Made all my sacraments there and went to school there until the riots of 1967. My brothers were altar boys. My father who owned Alloy's Alleys on 30th and North ave would take me to Midnight Christmas mass every year, just the two of us. The masses were in Latin and we were required to attend before school daily at 7am which I was routinely late for so sat out on the front steps for fear of the wrath of the nuns. I loved that church and I miss it.


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