Across ArchMil - week of January 12th 2015

U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. Wis.)

In the court's January 15, 2015 Appearances and Summary of Hearing, Honorable Susan V. Kelley, Presiding, "After balancing the potential harm that could befall the survivors who wished to remain anonymous against the likelihood that relevant information that would benefit the Claimants would be uncovered, the Court denied the motion to require the Debtor to produce un-redacted documents." (page 2) In other developments, "the hearing on the Debtor’s Motions for Summary Judgment on the claims objections will be March 4, 2014..." (page 2) and "on the insurance settlement dispute ... the Court will not issue a decision until after the 7th Circuit reaches a decision in the Cemetery Trust litigation. ... the claim objections are independent of plan confirmation, and it is not necessary for the Court to delay a decision on the Debtor’s motion for summary judgment on the claim objections."

The decision on the redactions was headlined as the Herald as Archdiocese working to maintain confidentiality of abuse survivors. Doesn't our Archdiocese say its decisions in the bankruptcy are compelled by its understanding of fiduciary responsibility regarding its material assets? If so, then wouldn't that have to be why it took this position on confidentiality?

From the Chancery

Fr. Paul Hartmann makes an appearance in the Herald of Hope column in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald because Diocese of Gary blessed with new shepherd and Bishop Hying is no longer one the columnists. (Here's Bishop Hying's January 18th column in Northwest Indiana Catholic.)

They're catching up on posting Living Our Faith radio programs, hosted by Archbishop Listecki and Bob Benes. In Christmas Preps, "Hear from one of our newest deacons about his personal vocation journey and how he gets involved with his parish during the holidays." In Communication/Evangelization, "In the spirit of St. John the Evangelist, Archbishop Listecki chats with [Margie Mandli and Fr. John Burns] two of the most energetic communicators in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Hear what motivates them to share the Good News in exciting ways!" In Bishop Ricken of Green Bay, "Where’s he from? When did he decide to become a priest? How does he like being the 'Pope of the Packers?'" And in World Mission Ministries, "... Archbishop Listecki welcomes Antoinette Mensah & Father Martí Colom as they discuss World Mission Ministries & La Sagrada Familia."

In this Catholic ID video at YouTube, Rich Harter discusses our Church Connection. "Being a Christian, means never having to go it alone."

In the Milwaukee Catholic Herald

Karen Mahoney reports that the Holy League aims to address ‘man crisis’. "According to [EWTN's Life on the Rock co-host Doug] Barry, statistics show children in homes where the mother is the spiritual leader will follow in the faith about 35 percent of the time. However, when the father is the leader, the number jumps to more than 90 percent."

Jessica Bell on Lou French, Jim Janette and Dave Jones, ‘Tuesday Guys’ honored with Packers for "volunteering with Insipirio Youth Ministries – formerly the TYME OUT Youth Center – in Nashotah.
"French, 82, Janette, 82, and Jones, 81, were honored recently with the Green Bay Packers Community Quarterback Award for their almost 20 years of volunteer service."

Fr. Robert Barron asks Does Religion Really Have a "Smart-People Problem"? "I have found that, in practically every instance, the scientists who declare their disbelief in God have no idea what serious religious people mean by the word 'God.' Almost without exception, they think of God as some supreme worldly nature, an item within the universe for which they have found no 'evidence,' a gap within the ordinary nexus of causal relations, etc. I would deny such a reality as vigorously as they do."

In a column, retitled Social morality is reflection of private morality by the Herald, Fr. Ronald Rolheiser says "Social action that does not have private morality as its base is not spirituality, but simple political action, power dealing with power, important in itself, but the not to be confused with real transformation."

Around the Parishes and Schools

Ricardo Torres reports in the Herald in which Teens learn to live faith in daily lives. That is, "[Joan] Plumley, a member of St. Boniface Parish, Germantown, said kids in the suburbs need to meet kids from the central city. [...]
"Mamaa York, seventh-grade student at St. Margaret Mary School and member of All Saints Parish, Milwaukee, thought the event was 'inspirational.'
"'I figured out things that I never heard about before,' York said about Catholic social teaching."


The theme for Catholic Schools week, Jan. 25 - 31, 2015, is Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service. "The Annual Archbishop's Catholic Schools Dinner on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 at Marquette University's Alumni Memorial Union."

And at that 2015 Archbishop's Catholic Schools Dinner, "Dr. Michael R. Lovell, president of Marquette University and a distinguished scholar, researcher, educator and leader, will be the keynote speaker."

Archbishop Listecki posts at the Our Faith blog on the Lenten Luncheon 2015. "In conjunction with Catholic Charities of Milwaukee, the first one is planned for Tuesday, February 24, 2015."

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