Common Core: Coming Soon to a School Near You?

This Federalist Society Civil Rights Practice Group Podcast features Jimmy R. Faircloth, Jr., Managing Partner of the law firm Faircloth Melton & Keiser LLC in Alexandria, Louisiana, and D. John Sauer, a partner in the law firm of Clark & Sauer LLC in Clayton, Missouri.
"The Common Core State Standards attempts to define what K-12 students should know at the end of each school year in key subject areas. The initiative garnered strong and broad support, but has come under increasingly heavy criticism from state and local officials, and parents. Supporters argue that uniform standards are an essential part of assuring quality education throughout the nation. Criticisms range from concerns about top-down, federal control of a traditionally state and local government function, to attempts to impose a nationwide curriculum, to a lack of field testing of the standards. Our experts discussed the standards and who has the better argument."

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Unknown said...

Just to see what the todo was about, I took three tests in English, Social Science?? and Math. I didn't see any problems with the first two. But I have no clue what the purpose of the math problems. I assume that it is "mathematical theory." I suppose that is important for those going into higher mathematics to be an actuary or something. But if you want to know how to give change to a customer, one would think that teaching people how much change is due from a five dollar bill for a $2.25 item.