Dad29: "Catholic" Charities Continues Its Suicide

The USCC's "Catholic" Charities organization is known for its grants to less-than-Catholic organizations, usually of the Alinsky-ite flavor, and often connected to pro-abortion gangs.

So what does "Catholic" Charities do about that?

Appoints another clandestine pro-abort as the New Leader.

Suicide used to be quick. This bunch is dragging it out over decades. After all, there's still some money in the place.
via Dad29 

Photo via Lisa Johnston of the St. Louis Review

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TAq said...

I think it's awfully bold to describe Catholic charities as "Catholic"; After reading Dad29's article, which I found lackluster at best, and doing some digging of my own, I think it's jump and perhaps even calumnious to describe her as a "Clandestine pro-abort".