NCReg: Vouchers Provide Much Needed Infusion of Students to Catholic Schools

Of the Catholic schools in general in the Birmingham Diocese, which is about half Spanish-speaking, he said, “These schools are trying to meet a need in the communities where the children are underserved.”

Inner-city northern schools have also seen success through increased enrollment. Milwaukee holds the distinction of having the largest and oldest voucher program for low- and middle-income families (the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, as well as its later-implemented counterpart, the statewide Wisconsin Parental Choice Program).

“While our data does not draw a strong correlation between the Parental Choice Program in the state of Wisconsin and enrollment growth within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the availability of vouchers has stabilized some Catholic schools,” said Julie Wolf, communication director for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. “Most important is the fact that the Parental Choice Program provides parents the option to choose where their children are educated.”
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