American Thinker: Marquette at the Crossroads

An interesting confluence of events occurred this week that will probably fly under the media radar.

Ben Cohen reports that Marquette University has begun proceedings aimed at depriving political science professor John McAdams of tenure – and presumably firing him – for discussing an academic matter without permission of the Department of Truth. McAdams put up a blog item concerning how Cheryl Ablate, a grad student instructor, had forbade any opposition to gay marriage in her classroom while also targeting a student who complained about this policy. The standard justification for tenure – that it enables academics to address controversial topics without fear of retribution – is apparently no longer operative at Marquette.

Almost simultaneously, the Washington Post published a hit piece by David Farenthold attacking Gov. Scott Walker for, among other things, failing to graduate from college. The institution that Walker left was none other than… Marquette University.

There’s no causation here, of course – Walker could not foresee in the early 90s that Marquette would eventually turn fascist. But there is a connection all the same. A left-wing college abuses its authority while breaking its own rules (I guess they didn’t read their Alinsky) in order to punish dissent, while a former student who has survived many similar leftist forays into the politics of destruction sets out on the path to the White House. What clearer illustration of the current political dichotomy could there be?
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We're told that FOX will be running a segment tonight on “The Stossel Show,” about Marquette and the Dr. McAdams situation.


Anonymous said...

that Walker did not finish at Marquette has been common knowledge for years

Anonymous said...

and isn't it obvious !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think what is happening to Dr. McAdams is so very wrong - but lets not make him a martyr for the Catholic cause. He has not always been consistant in upholding Catholic teaching.

As for Walker, lets not make him a martyr for Marquette's evil failures - he could have easily transfered to the UW system.