Passing on the Beauty

This past Friday, March 20, 2015, Aquinas Academy in Menomonee Falls , a Catholic, classical K3-8 school, offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form for their students and families for the first time in the twenty-four year history of the school.

The students were well-prepared to assist at the Mass, being prepped about the Liturgy itself by Aquinas teacher and blogger over at Cream City Catholic, James Berry.  Mr. Berry helped the students to have a better understanding of the differences in the Extraordinary Form and Ordinary Form, as well as to read the Mass readings ahead of time, and sat in the front row so students were more comfortable about exactly when to stand, sit, and kneel.

The Schola was well prepared by Mrs. Martha Ebent, Aquinas music teacher and well-known soloist in the area, for the sung Mass.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered beautifully by Canon Benoit Jayr from St. Stanislaus Parish in Milwaukee with the assistance of others from the parish, including Aquinas students.  Canon Jayr's reverence at the altar, combined with his patience with the altar boys and his powerful but age-appropriate homily was truly a thing of beauty, especially to those who might have preconceived notions about the "rigidity" of the Ancient Rite and those who celebrate it.

The Altar, following Mass at Aquinas Academy- March 20, 2015.
Speaking to planners, staff, and board members after the reverent and beautiful (there is nothing like seeing 150+ little ones prayerfully participating!) Mass, they said that they hope is to offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass several times a year, and they are even considering trying to expose the students to the broad, catholic (in the "universal" sense) sense of the Faith and our worship tradition by hopefully getting the opportunity to celebrate the Eastern Catholic Liturgy as well as the Anglican Use Liturgy on the campus.


  1. Finally some progress in Milwaukee.

  2. Small clarification- Fr. Daniel Sherman offered Mass in the EF several years ago at Aquinas, so thIs was not the first.


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