Prof. John McAdams to speak at St. John's, Greenfield, March 15th

That's the lead item in the March 2015 Newsletter of the Milwaukee Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith. He will speak on "The Perils of Working at a Catholic University".

The newsletter item includes this background.

'''John McAdams has taught at Marquette since1977. ...Unfortunately, Marquette University, a supposedly Catholic school, has cancelled Professor McAdams’ spring semester classes, and has told him not to appear on campus.

'''In a 1-25-15 article in the National Catholic Register, critics of Marquette University insist that, ''McAdams is being punished for his willingness to uphold Church teachings about the definition of marriage. McAdams believes the Wisconsin-based Jesuit University has 'suspended' him for criticizing a Marquette ethics professor who told a student that his position against same-sex 'marriage' could be considered offensive to homosexuals in her class.'' According to the article, Prof. McAdams stated that Marquette ''has shown itself to be timid, overly bureaucratic and lacking any commitment to either its Catholic mission or free expression.'' McAdams, who has tenure, also vowed a ''court battle'' if Marquette tries to fire him.'''

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  1. The article doesn't mention that McAdams (who has for years used Marquette's server to publish many untruths about me, by the way, because of his outdated views on the Kennedy assassination) --it doesn't mention that McAdams accessed and quoted from a secret tape recording to try to entrap the teacher, misrepresented what the teacher said, and created prejudice against the teacher, using a student for whom he was an advisor to actually spy on her. Enough was enough. The man published stolen, altered emails sent to him by Dutch thieves, and only when threatened with a lawsuit did he remove an utterly false statement that I and a friend had bribed one of my witnesses from his website dissing me. Though he never met me, never inspected any of my evidence files, he has thanked half a dozen informants who ALSO never met me for providing him with livelous information against me. Whatever you might think of me, McAdams has been running a newsgroupo where anyone who says Oswald didn't kill JFK got on his hit list. I am not surprised that he is suing Marquette, even though they still allow his libelous website about me to be on their server. He has misused Marquette's server for his own hobby-bashing anyone who disagrees that Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy-- but has made so many errors in the matter that he is not respected in the field, no matter what the press might say. he;s an embarrassment to have such articles on his website as the one claiming the Parkland doctors, who tried to save JFL's life, are all lying when they point to the backs of their heads saying JFK's biggest head wound was an exit wound in the back of the head by claiming they were 'too busy trying to save Kennedy' to loom at JFK's head wounds. Of my work in cancer research, which included inducing cancer in mice, he proclaimed, before he knew a thing about ti, that cancer couldn't be induced in mice, to discredit me. This irresponsible statement from a Marquette University professor was intended to discredit me, but since cancer has been induced in mice and rats for the past seventy (or more) years, all he did was to embarrass himself and his University. His unreliable and irresponsible ad hominem attacks on those with whom he disagrees have done harm to Marquette: I am a Catholic, who prays every day that his soul might be saved. But I also applaud Marquette for taking this step. He would have had a good reputation with the Spanish inquisition. Of course, he'll say I'm merely being bitter over the 15 years that he has personally insulted me, harmed my reputation and belittled me...just because he MUST attack anyone and everything that suggests the outdated and obsolete Warren Commission was wrong. Because he refuses to bend, many people suggest that he's being paid by the CIA. He calls anyone disagreeing with him on the subject "conspiracy buffs" "cranks" "crackpots" and so on, no matter their rank or reputation. He has insulted so many reputable scholars, historians and authors that it is has actually cast an onus on Marquette. I am the author of two fairly popular books that have sold many thousands more than has his book, with two more books about to be published--no thanks to him. If Marquette bows to McAdams' mischaracterizations, spying, and intellectual tyranny, justice will not be served. Free speech is an essential for every university: the abuse of power and position is something else altogether.


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