WCC Capitol Update - March 6, 2015

This update from the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, public policy arm of Wisconsin's Catholic bishops, includes:
"WCC Testifies on Right to Work Bill
"This week and last, the WCC testified for information on Senate Bill 44 and its companion bill (Assembly Bill 61), which would create a state right to work law by allowing private-sector employees to refrain from paying union dues. Both the Senate and Assembly have passed the bill, which Governor Walker has announced he will sign on Monday."
That testimony on Catholic social teaching said, among other things, that,
"If the dignity of work is to be protected, then the basic rights of workers ...must be respected – the right ...to organize and choose to join a union..."
"Workers have the right to choose whether to organize, join a union, and bargain collectively, and to exercise these rights without reprisal."
So does "choose" support the principle of "right-to-work" or not?

Also in this update,

  • "Joint Finance Schedules Public Hearings on State Budget" with "some tips on testifying at these hearings"
  • "Registration: Catholics at the Capitol, April 8, 2015"
  • "Upcoming Hearings of Interest"
  • "New Bills of Interest" including SJR-14 "Commending Pope Francis" [text here]
  • "Websites of Interest" provides legislative references

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