The Meriam Ibrahim Case and International Religious Liberty - Podcast

This Federalist Society Religious Liberties Practice Group Podcast features Thomas F. Farr of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, and Tina Ramírez, founder and Executive Director of Hardwired Inc.
"Miriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese woman who was arrested in Sudan and charged with adultery in August 2013 on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan was void under Sudan's version of Islamic law, which says Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims. The court added the charge of apostasy in February 2014, and she was sentenced to hang after refusing to renounce Christianity. Though her father was Muslim, he left her Ethiopian Orthodox mother to raise her from early childhood, and she was raised a Christian. Though she eventually was released in July 2014 and is now living in the United States, her arrest raises the question of whether and how the United States should respond to instances of the denial of religious freedom in other countries."

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