Cardinal Burke criticizes German cardinal’s ‘ridiculous’ claim that German Church is not a ‘subsidiary of Rome’

ROME, April 24, 2015 ( – In an interview today with the prominent German newspaper, Die Welt, Cardinal Raymond Burke criticized Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who suggested German Catholic dioceses are not a “subsidiary of Rome” on the question of Communion for ‘remarried’ couples.

“I have not read Marx' declaration verbatim, but of course formulations like 'subsidiary of Rome' are ridiculous,” said Burke. “We are all oriented toward Peter, that is the unity of the Catholic Church. 'Subsidiaries’ – that is the language of business, that does not belong to the Church. That is where obedience counts.”

When asked about his resistance at the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome against effectively allowing a secular divorce for the Catholic Church, Burke responded: “Because we are not allowed to. We are bound to the teaching of the Church and her disciples. But, some synod fathers – and prominently among them Cardinal Walter Kasper – wanted to change exactly that.”

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